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Was told that a low-carb diet would be especially helpful in keeping my PCOS in check. I'd like to eat a little healthier than I have been as well, cutting out more refined sugar. But I was raised by a mother who was constantly Atkins-ing and South Beach-ing and Dukan-ing, and the strict rigidity and stress of sticking to a charted "plan" really puts me off and doesn't seem sustainable over the long run. It's exciting to start (yay! a whole new me and this is the key!) and then gets really, really difficult and exhausting, which sets one up for failure more often than not (yes, I know it works for some). Anyone have any good experiences with/recommendations for a sensible, sane, straightforward low-carb way of eating? Or even just general tips? I'd like to still be able to regularly enjoy fruits, veggies, and whole grains, with the occasional sweet treat.


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