Took the morning after pill today. I bought it this morning because I had sex without a condom last night. I am on BC but don't take it everyday at the same time. I take it generally around the same time, but never really on the dot, and occasionally I miss days and double up the next day. I've always taken BC as a PCOS treatment first, and as birth control second. So I always usually insist on a condom, but last night sort of happened in the heat of the moment and I got scared. He pulled out, but I'm worried it might have been a split-second too late. Anyway, no bad symptoms from the morning after pill, just some light cramps and a headache. I will be taking the regular BC every day at the same time from now on—I really don't know how effective it has been the way I have been taking it. I feel stupid about last night, but at the same time I know these things happen and don't want to beat myself up about it. Any words of wisdom? On bc, morning after pill, sex without a condom and so on?


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