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To: Lovely Jezzies From: notthatmuchcheese

Hope your Valentine's is sweeter than mine. (Warning, total silly pity-party below)


A bunch of things are just bumming me out hard today. First, guy I'm seeing is leaving for a month and half starting tomorrow and I'm super sad about missing him and the weeks of loneliness ahead. Second, I'm going to get my first STD test tomorrow after a pretty crazy sex year, and I'm scared (note: I've been safe all but one time, but still). Third, I just got into a fight over the phone with my Mom, who I am close to, and who I was just calling to wish a happy Heart Day and share a little cheer with. Fourth, one year ago today was the first time I slept with a man who I was crazy in love with, and I still miss him. Fifth and lastly, I have no plans tonight, not even with girlfriends.

Yowza. Today hurts. Contemplating going back to bed, binge-watching something unromantic and eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE (I don't care how cliche that sounds).

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