So, as I've mentioned here before, the guy I'm seeing is on a long vacation visiting family halfway across the world. He's in a developing nation and staying on the family farm that doesn't even have electricity at night, let alone internet. He gets into the city sometimes to check email, but it's a pain in the ass to find even a shitty connection (gmail takes 10 minutes to load). And obviously, his phone doesn't work there. So we've only exchanged a couple emails in the month he's been gone, and they've been fairly short. I've been doing my best to distract myself with bunch of fun and constructive stuff while he's been gone, but I'm starting to get worried. The political climate where he is has been escalating in violence to the point where CNN has just compared it to Syria and said it may be on the brink of civil war. People are being killed in large numbers by cops, and this is all happening not that far from where he is. The last email I sent him was a couple weeks ago (before the violence was so bad) telling him to stay safe and asking him what he thought of the situation. I haven't heard back. I know this is probably due to his lying low on the farm with fam and the lack of internet, but dammit this news is scaring me.


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