Finding the "casual relationship" hard to keep up. I know some say it can't be done, that it's either got to be NSA sex only or a full-on serious relationship. Which, really? Is it possible to just enjoy each other's company, have sexytimes, and hang out every now and then without putting an expiration date on it? I am the type to get pretty attached, even if I know the guy isn't perfect for me. Now I'm seeing a hot, fun guy with his shit together, and it's been a good time. He's not my soulmate, and he's not in a position to be a BF. But now that we're entering the third month, and neither of us has slept with anyone else, I've started flying into a rage when he doesn't text me back until the next day. I mean, I've trusted you enough to share my time and body with you, please do me the honor of responding to a freaking text somewhat promptly, amirite? I don't care if it's a couple hours later cuz he's busy, but there's been multiple times where it's been like a full day or two later. He's not that busy. I think he's just afraid of it getting too serious, which fine. But when he does this I dream up this conversation I'm totally going to have with him next time about being a better communicator and showing me a little more consideration, because we both deserve that even if we're not super serious. And then after I cool off, I'm like, maybe I'm expecting too much? I sometimes feel like he's only nice when he wants to get some, and then ignores me when he can't be bothered. Should I just chill and be happy with what he gives? To be fair, he often shells out for drinks without me asking, is generally super attentive when I stay over at his place, and sometimes does send silly/fun texts out of the blue. So maybe I should be happy with that and not bog us down in some serious convo about communication? I waver.


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